Broker Learning Library

At TruAssure, we're committed to providing the best possible experience for you and your clients. Our broker website offers a comprehensive suite of tools, from client management to billing and reporting, all easily accessible in one place.


Portal How-To Guide

Access essential information for group clients anytime with TruAssure’s convenient broker portal.

How-To Quote

Effortlessly create personalized proposals for your small group clients (2-9 eligible employees) with our user-friendly online quoting tool.


TruAssure's billing statements have a new look, but all of the important information is still included. Review TruAssure's billing guide for your group clients.

Additional Resources

Gain access to essential resources for employers and members to ensure up-to-date information and insights and choose from a variety of dental plans that perfectly fit your client’s oral healthcare requirements.

Resources Pages:

Small Group Quoting Tool

Our small group quoting tool has several enhanced features to help make managing your quotes simpler. 


Have additional questions regarding our recent update to the dental benefits administration system? Review our broker FAQs for further information or contact us at 844-350-4433 or