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Learn why a TruAssure dental plan is a good choice for you.

TruAssure's mission is to offer health products and solutions that start, grow and continually evolve with our customers. Our dental insurance plans were developed with you in mind. Whether you are a broker looking for dental benefits for one of your clients or an individual looking for dental insurance coverage for yourself or your family, we have a dental plan to meet your needs. TruAssure makes dental coverage as easy as possible, and our dental plans give members the oral health care they need to keep their teeth as healthy as possible.

  • It's simple. People with dental insurance are more likely to visit their dentist!

  • Research shows that families without dental coverage are more likely to go more than 12 months between routine dental visits. They don't get the preventive dental care they need to help maintain good oral health, and oral health is one of the biggest factors of good overall health.

  • Full coverage dental insurance is good for your family's health. It's as simple as that.

Why TruAssure?

A variety of flexible dental plans that offer comprehensive coverage. We make it easy to choose the best dental plan for your needs. Many of our group and individual plans offer annual maximum options, three cleanings a year, white fillings on all teeth, and more. Learn more about what our plans can offer you.

Dental benefits that are simple to understand. Members don't have to read any fine print before they schedule a routine cleaning.

Our dental plans focus on prevention. Members get the preventive dental care they need before small issues turn into more costly and time-intensive treatments.

Stand-alone dental plans that are independent of health insurance. Members get richer coverage and lower out-of-pocket costs than a plan that's "embedded" in a health plan.

Network dentists where members want them. TruAssure offers one of the largest networks* of dentists in the country. Members are free to go to any dentist, but they'll save more money and get more complete coverage by visiting a network dentist. Members can find network dentists who best fit their schedule and location - close to home, their kid's school, or the office. Members will be able to find a dentist that works for them.

Service that makes our members smile. Members can get the oral health care they need as well as accurate and timely answers to their questions. We know the value of a healthy smile and what it means to your overall well-being!

*All TruAssure dental plans are offered in association with the DenteMax Plus dental network arrangement, which includes participating dentists from the United Concordia, DenteMax, and Connection dental networks.


Truly comprehensive dental care benefits.

TruAssure dental insurance is truly the best option to help you and your family keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

There's a TruAssure dental insurance plan that's perfect for you. Shop for plans or contact us, and we'll be happy to answer all your questions!