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TruAssure is updating our dental benefits administration system on June 8, 2023. As part of this update, online enrollment in our individual and family plans will not be available until June 8. Paper applications may be submitted by mail during this time. Applications are available on our forms page. Additionally, the member, employer and provider portals may be unavailable or read only during this time. For more information, please contact TruAssure, or review our resource page.

TruAssure Plans

TruAssure provides better standard plans with the flexibility employers need.

At TruAssure, we’ve designed plans that take preventive care a step further, while also providing options to cover additional services employees want. Most of our individual plans offer standard coverage for three cleanings per year, whereas most carriers only cover two. They also cover white fillings for all teeth, while many other plans only cover amalgam (silver-colored) fillings for back teeth. We offer group dental plans for companies and organizations of all sizes and can completely customize a dental plan for groups with as few as 10 employees.

Small Group Plans (2-9 eligible employees)

Our small group plans offer comprehensive dental coverage that helps attract and retain employees at pooled rates that provide the best overall savings for your group. And we make them hassle-free for you and your clients.

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Large Group Plans (10+ eligible employees)

TruAssure can customize a plan to meet the needs of groups with 10 or more eligible employees. We provide both fully insured and self-funded options, and we can match plan designs or create a dental plan with your client in mind.

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To get a quote, contact your TruAssure sales representative, or call us at 844-350-4433 or GetAnswers@TruAssure.com

Hearing Health Discount Program for Groups

TruAssure is partnering with Amplifon to offer a comprehensive hearing health discount program for groups. Hearing loss is quite common with 1 in 9 Americans experiencing it. Amplifon knows just how important hearing is to everyone, so they work their hardest to bring products, services and solutions to those who experience hearing loss firsthand.

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Individual and Family Plans

TruAssure also offers individual plans that provide the same great coverage as our group plans for non-benefit eligible employees. For an individual quote, use our online tool (select For Individuals & Families under Shop for Plans).

TruAssure's suite of individual and family plans - Max Savings, Choice and Choice Plus - offers individuals an array of options to meet their specific dental care needs. Options include three cleanings per year, white fillings on all teeth, teeth whitening, implants, orthodontia and no waiting periods.

TruAssure also offers ACA certified plans - Basic and Preferred.

TruAssure also offers a dental savings card for individuals.
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